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White gold from Tahiti

The exceptional geo-climatic conditions of the coral Islands in French Polynesia produce the Haari, a coconut with unique qualities, the life fruit of the islands.
The refined oil obtained from the almond is praised for its iincomparable silkiness.

Refined coprah oil

The oil is obtained from naturally-dried coconuts of the Cocos Nuciferas variety growing exclusively on the coral soil of French Polynesia . It is extracted at the first pressing with no added chemicals. The raw oil thus obtained is then refined.
The refining process produces a light, limpid and high-quality oil with a distinctive dry and silky feel.

Huile raffinée de coprah

Chemical composition

This oil is extremely rich in saturated fatty acids (lauric acid mainly), and remarkably stable. This oil is classically used both for its emulsifying and emollient properties.

Average fatty acid content :
Laurique acid 44 - 51 %
Myristique acid 13 - 18 %
Palmitique acid 8 – 10 %
Caprique acid 6 - 10 %
Caprylique acid 6 - 9 %
Oléique acid 5.5 – 7.5 %
Linoléique acid < 2.5 %
Stéarique acid 1 – 3 %

Traditionnals applications

The coconut tree is one of the most important vegetable resources of French Polynesia. Its flesh, water and milk are part of the staple Maohi diet. The ligneous shell of the mature nut is used to make recipients. The nuts were used in the Marquesas for medicinal fumigations. In ancient times, the shell of the young nut was used to repair skull injuries…
The coconut water and oil both play a key role in the traditional pharmacopoeia – either as excipients or for their own therapeutic virtues. The coconut oil is of the most important ingredient used in the preparation of topical treatments. The medecine based on the use of coconut is called raau haari and represents a major part of the Polynesian traditional pharmacopoeia: the raau Tahiti