Monoi is one of the most ancient preparations of Raau Tahiti - the knowledge of plants and how to use them to heal the skin and mind. This art draw its secret from the heart of the tropical forest, where nature is still vibrating from the telluric forces its originated from..
Prepared with Raau Tahiti ferns, with Noni extracts or Tamanu oil, Monoï is a massage oil or an unguent with healing benefits.
Imagine new beauty and well-being rituals with the concept formulas of the Monoi Institute.
Concept formula
Draining pulp with Moorea pineapple

The skin delights in this luscious pulp – an exfoliating/draining formula in which a pineapple extract from Moorea Island surprises Tamanu powder in the silky softness of Monoi de Tahiti.

Waterfalls balm with Tamanu oil
A soft butter that melts on the skin and quench the cells… The rich formula derives its moisturizing and regenerative benefits from Monoi de Tahiti and Tamanu oils
Mysterious Oil with Monoi
Formulated with Monoi, Papaya and Tahitian vanilla oils it nourishes the skin after the bath – for a sensual and satin feel.
Vital serum with Mamaku vital essence
An age defying concentrate which renders the light feel of Monoi de Tahiti in a fresh serum - with an extract of Noni leaves and Vital essence, a Pacific fern extract with extraordinary regenerative properties.