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Our Mission

Founded in 1992 by the members of the “Groupement Interprofessionnel du Monoi de Tahiti”, the Monoi Institute brings together the best specialists in the natural resources of Tahiti and Her Islands.
Its mission is to develop the knowledge of Monoi de Tahiti and inspire new beauty and well-being rituals drawing from the source of Raau Tahiti.

Developing and sharing knowledge

The technical committee of the Monoi Institute regroups scientists and professionals of the personal care industry and brings its expertise to support the missions of the Institute :
. Promoting Research and Development on Monoi de Tahiti
. Gathering analytical knowledge on the Tiare Tahiti flower and Tahitian Coconut
. Studying Monoi's active and sensorial properties
. Designing inspiration and sample formulas based on Monoi de Tahiti
. Publishing technical information
. Managing the conformity of Monoi de Tahiti with international regulation

Inspiring new rituals

With professional events and workshops organized on the five continents and the design of original inspiration formulas, the Monoi Institute promotes the creation of new beauty and well-being rituals – products that answer the needs for holistic and meaningful personal care.

The Monoï Road®

Launched at the initiative of the Monoï Institute, the Monoï Road® is a unique invitation to discover the cult oil on its natural land. With 22 places around the Island of Tahiti and special stopovers in Moorea, the road allows you to learn more on its natural ingredients, its preparation and many usages. Visit a field of Tiare Tahiti Flowers, a Coconut grove, attend a botanical workshop, meet with a mama, indulge in a traditional massage performed by a Tauha or in a state of the art spa… Each stop will be the occasion of a fabulous encounters.

The Monoï Road

Monoï Here

Launched in 2007 by the Monoi Institute, Monoi Here, the Monoi Festival was a unique event where traditional practicians met with researchers from the Universities, scientists or marketers from the personal care industry, and daily users of Monoi oil. Organized once a year, the event was allowing a more comprehensive understanding of a thousand-year old tradition – and was inspiring new projects and

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