Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea ...

For two thousands years, on white sandy beaches and in the tropical forests of volcanic islands, the Maohi people have been cultivating total harmony with nature. They have learned to use and live with the Mana, a vital force that surrounds them and links them to the world.
This art develops an extraordinary sense of well-being, a unique gift for beauty and grace.

The Monoï Road®

The Monoï Road® Launched at the initiative of the Monoï Institute, the Monoï Road® is a unique invitation to discover the cult oil on its natural land. With 22 places around the Island of Tahiti and special stopovers in the Island of Moorea, the road allows you to learn more on its natural ingredients, its preparation and many usages. Visit a field of Tiare Tahiti Flowers, a Coconut grove, attend a botanical workshop, meet with a mama, indulge in a traditional massage performed by a Tauha or in a state of the art spa… Each stop will be the occasion of a fabulous encounters.

The Spas of Tahiti and Her Islands

Deep Ocean Spa
Bora Bora
Manea Spa
Sheraton Hotel Tahiti