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The beauty flower

Its snow white petals are a symbol of purity and its suave and addictive fragrance is the signature of Tahiti and the Islands of French Polynesia.
A beauty flower and a medicinal plant from the traditional pharmacopoeia, the gardenia taitensis is rich in terpenic alcohols and esters (methyl salicylate) known for their soothing and purifying properties


Gardenia taitensisFamille : Rubiacée

The Tiare Tahiti bush is in flower all year round. Its even, snow-white flowers contrast with the dark green of glossy smooth-edged leaves. Their unique strong and sweet perfume is reminiscent of gardenia and tuberose flowers, with some aspects of apple-tree flowers.

Tiaré Tahiti flowers

Chemical Composition

Tiare essential oil is rich in active ingredients, partly explaining the flower’s many uses. GC/MS (gas chromatography and mass spectrophotometry) analyses have confirmed the presence of the active molecules in Monoi de Tahiti, thereby confirming the quality of the gentle extraction process in refined coprah oil.
These compounds include:
Methyl salicylate known for its soothing properties.
And purifying compounds, including:
- Alcohols (like hexanoland phenylethyl alcohol)
- Esters (ethyl benzoate and methyl salicylate…).


An iconic flower, Polynesians wear it tucked behind their ear – on the right if the heart is free, on the left if not. It is also the flower offered to welcome those who arrive in Tahiti – an invitation to well-being.
But beyond its symbolic and sensual dimensions, the Tiare flower is one of the most important plants of the Raau Tahiti, the traditional pharmacopoeia of Tahiti. The flower is largely used in many preparations: the treatment for some eczemas, headaches, insect bites (cf “Plantes utiles de Polynésie”, by Dr Paul Pétard - Haere Po No Tahiti editions).
Sensual and soothing emulsions, body oils, tonics, fragrance… Today, the Tiare Tahiti enters the composition of personal care products from major brands around the world.