Soins nourrissants au monoï de Tahiti
Like a milk of coconut pulp and fresh flowers, Monoi is carefully prepared to make the skin soft (iri maru) and silky (ana’ana).
Like a motherly caress, it delicately nourishes and purifies the skin, awakening it to the softness of the senses.
Imagine new beauty and well-being rituals with the concept formulas of the Monoi Institute.

Concept formula
Purifying Mousse with tiare flowers.
An unctuous and fine mousse to gently cleanse the skin, rebalance and clarify the complexion. Monoi de Tahiti, a silky Tiare flower extract, soothes sensitive skins. It is associated with the lightening properties of a Nangka extract for a delicate pure white ritual.

Hair sap with sandalwood
Inspired by a traditional preparation from the Marquesas Islands, Monoi de Tahiti has been combined with a sandalwood essential oil in this embellishing sap. A nourishing and repairing treat for dry and fragile hair.
Day cream with Tiare flower
A delicate and precious fluid texture enriched with an extract of Tiare flower and an extract of white pearls – for a youthful radiant skin.
Baby bath cream with Tiare milk
Discover all the benefits of the Tiare flower concentrated in this supple and unctuous texture designed to respect the epidermis of babies as well as the sensitive skin of adults.

Monoï Addict
Produit culte et adulé , le Monoï est aujourd'hui référencé dans le monde entier par les grandes marques de la beauté et du bien- être